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I help online entrepreneurs eliminate their randomness, show up daily with a plan to sell their services, and create financial freedom.

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Plug-n-Play, 100% customizable marketing action plans that will allow you to stop guessing, stressing, and obsessing about what you need to do to sell your services. 


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Too busy, me too!  That's why these calls are only 20 minutes and we define a clear strategy to help lock-in your next paying client!


Helping you ditch the paycheck to paycheck so you can FINALLY live financially free!

A Little About Me

Finger Pistols are cool!

Should we meet at Target, likely somewhere between kid snacks and the dollar spot, I will shoot some your way!😜

Netflix and Chill

Mom. Wife. Marketing and Money Coach. Lover of Boxer dogs.  So yeah, I don't really meditate for self-care.  I Netflix and chill😍.

Too Legit to Quit

Communication Degree from Cal Poly Pomona. Certified Content Marketing Specialist.  I have worked with Nationally recognized brands to develop brand initiatives and assist in rolling out local marketing campaigns.  I have also worked with over 20 entrepreneurs and small business owners to help develop and improve marketing processes and streamline financial systems.

"Stephanie is an extremely knowledgeable, hard working coach! She has done so much to help me use my money strategically in my business to continue to see profits. She is also extremely relatable and HILARIOUS. She is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of finance and marketing, and her splash of humor and optimism makes her the secret weapon to you hitting huge goals with your biz FAST! "

Jasmin Niemiec
Business Coach

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